Top 13 Reasons I'm Taking the Transiberian Railway.

Today I’m headed to St. Petersburg, Russia, where I begin my estimated 5,000 mile tour of Russia, Mongolia and China for one month. This trip will span 8 times zones. I will attempt to keep this blog updated throughout my travels!

I’ve listed out some of the reasons for the trip below:

  1. Because I needed something to look forward to after cramming for the NY bar.
  2. Because my grandfather escaped from a Siberian concentration camp.
  3. Because I don’t know when the next opportunity like this will come.
  4. Because I’ve been craving cabbage and vodka.
  5. Because I’ve been wanting to see the two largest communist utopias.
  6. Because I have had major withdrawl from not living out of a backpack for years.
  7. Because I made some of my very closest friends while traveling.
  8. Because it’s about time I learned Cyrillic.
  9. Because it’s just a really exciting trip!
  10. Because my parents have implanted the travel bug in me from the womb.
  11. Because I want to console a weeping camel.
  12. Because I’ve never been beaten at chess by a Russian…in Russia!
  13. Because in the very wise words of some traveling ladies, sometimes you need to get lost to get found.