Town and No Cows.

A “cowtown” it is not. It looks like a city-a city with lots of cranes, doing the obvious: building! The area I live in is called “North Omaha”-a black middle-class neighborhood, next to a country club and golf course. Of course, it’s not a place to jog at night, but I feel safe. I think my guardian angel keeps me feeling that way. Well, that and Ray, of course. He’ll be here every weekend or I’ll see him in Chicago.

This morning I wasn’t honked at –not even once. My aimless driving, map in the left hand, NPR news loud, taking sips a bottle of water in the right hand, slowing down at the green lights to look at the streets signs and this didn’t annoy anyone. I think I was the only one concerned about my actions. In Chicago, I would have inspired road rage many times over!

After a few minutes of confusion, I closed my eyes and said a prayer so that St. Anthony, patron of lost things would help me –when I opened them, the light was green and on my left sat the large courthouse. Parking here is so reasonable. I found a garage for 7 weeks for 60 dollars.

The courthouse is beautiful and at the forefront with technology. My judge’s courtroom is the first to do all of this. There are new computers w/ LCD monitors for the lawyers, clerks and judges. New projectors screens for the jury and a virtually paperless chamber area. The only reason I have paper that I’m looking through is because those files are 20 years old and have not been scanned into the system.

I’m exhausted. Today I observed a methamphetamine overdose case-a murder disguised as a drug conspiracy today. This will probably go on for a week. I’m curious what the defense will be. During voir dire, you really find out how many jury members have been prosecuted for drugs or do drugs. On e minute, I’ll say-jeez everyone does drugs and the next I think people can’t possibly be that stupid and it surprises me when they are that stupid.

The thing is-that I’m exhausted, not because it was a long day, but because it’s depressing that this guy could be thrown into prison for a minimum of 20 years. Twenty years for distributing meth to some girl who took too much and died. There seems to be a huge problem here in Nebraska with Meth labs. All these poor people, uneducated, who see a way to make quick money. And yeah, drugs lead into a lot of criminal activity, but these laws are depressing.

Just throw these druggies into prison and forget about them and hope that there isn’t criminal activity in your area, right? Well, I think that’s sad. If someone would take the time to get to know these people and see why they have these problems and introduce them to a better life and show them how to be happy without being dependant on them, there would be less problems. But, the gov’t instead gets pissy that the prisons aren’t big enough. Well STOP throwing them in there and let our taxes pay for good rehab instead. Let good people do their jobs, instead of keeping them from their hopes of helping addicts. I’ve thought about prison reform for years and I wish I had the resources to create these myself, but I’ve been giving up hope for these years as well. What is it that makes you get older and give up more and more dreams…?

Maybe something will lead me to it…we shall see.

Question of the blog: Are you impartial enough to deliberate a trial with someone who distributed meth to a grrrl who overdosed because of that distribution? (You won’t be selected as a jury member if you answer the way I want you to. Don’t worry.)