Happy Anniversary to my Blog

Last May, I created It Must Be Midnight for a specific purpose — to document the media trials and my experiences in Central and East Africa post-genocide. This May, my purpose is filled with overbreadth and vagueness, to use First Amendment terms.

And as I sit here at 1:17am, with the lightning smashing near my house, thunder rattling the walls my exhausted body leans against, I can’t help but hope the motivation that pushed me to go there and come up with that project will suddenly reappear.

I felt it a few weeks ago at an IPRO Kosovo meeting. Kosovo–to be back there again, to feel like you’re part of something that is actually affecting people. To be helping establish laws, to help create a country. That’s…a good feeling. Maybe that’s why I’m always trying to run off? Maybe I feel like I help people more in other countries? Maybe I could do the same thing here, I just need the right force.

It’s funny though, as I look backward or into the near forward, I think it’s all fallen or falling into place. Hm. I even think that writing this has made me find that motivation again.

All those genocide books that sit on my shelf and the hundreds of law review articles that lay on the floor of my office will definitely be put to use this summer, but my blog…well looks like it has already found it’s purpose.

Today’s Travels: loop and back and now to bed. *yawn*