All Smiles

So, I almost forgot what it’s like to be this happy.

I mean, not to say I haven’t been happy lately because a lot of things make me happy. But, my goodness, I feel above and beyond in this ultimate exhiliration right now. Is this really happening, should I be pinching myself, have I had a taste of what my life would be like in Heaven?

I am in this high. This ultimate, glorious high. Have you ever met someone and felt such a strong connection that you wanted to grab a piece of your soul and give it to them? That’s how I felt tonight. I smiled for four hours straight throughout our conversation and well, I haven’t smiled like that for so long. Even through the sadder stories, we were both just smiling.

I’ve experienced this type of immediate and excruciatingly brilliant moment only a few times in my life. What can I say about it? I want to tell the world. I want to jump up and down and upside down and hug and kiss everyone around me. In fact, as I walked home after our meeting together, I was smiling so wide, that people walking past me on the downtown streets smiled back and on top of their hello’s, commented things like…”great smile,” “you must have had a great day,” and “happy?!”

So, yeah, I HEART connections like this. You don’t experience them often, but when you do, it’s fantastic. I want to hold on to this moment, so perhaps writing it down will elongate this episode.

This is one of those moments that you know is just a blessing from God. So, hey..Thanks!