The Foothills of Mt. Meru

This is a bit out of order-but Saturday was so spectacular that I must write about it.

Saturday morning, Joe from Ireland (who I met on a bus from Uganda), but now staying in Moshi, arrived for the weekend. We decided to go to the foothills of Mt. Meru to see where Elly grew up and to meet his parents. After taking a dala dala, we arrived at the bottom of the hill where we jumped in the back of the truck and rode as far as the road could take us. We walked on a dirt path, with banana trees surrounding us and came to Elly’s farm.

Farms here are absolutely different. They are so colourful, so many different types of fruit. I’d have to say my top three favorite fruit are passion fruit, mangos and avacado. So we sat and talked with Elly’s parents and sister, walked around the farm, saw how they cook with no electricity and how they survive on what they have. We went to see his coffee plantation and fruit trees and then came back to eat with his parents. The food was spectacular as food always is… We had milk from his cow (three day old milk) which Brian described as yogurt, but Joe said it was absolutely not that! I am a little scavenger so I ate and drank everything I was given. We had fried bananas, chapati, passion fruit, avocado and to top it all off, some sugar cane. The sugar cane was fantastic, much better than candy, but I could not finish a stick of it.

After meeting Elly’s fabulous family, we walked through the dirt pathways, around the various farms, saying hello to people and waiting for a truck to pass by and bring us back to the bottom of the hill so we could grab a ride home. It was so beautiful that after the whole weekend was over, I couldn’t help but cry about it. I really can’t explain it, but to experience meeting simple loving people who will give everything to you, you just get a different type of hope. I know this sounds absolutely cheesy, but it’s just true.

Sunday, we went to a snake park and saw all sorts of magnificent poisonous creatures..!

All for now..

Badai! (later)