Rwanda to the Congo to Uganda to the Media Trial

I’m back and I haven’t written in so long because we’ve been traveling a lot. I’ll have to come back to add more about some of the things I’ve seen-some of the horrible horrible atrocities I’ve witnessed to some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen, but right now I’ll update you with this short time briefly what I experienced.

Rwanda: I saw a lot of dead bodies. Witnessed a lot of places where thousands upon thousands were slaughtered. I supposed I should say that we travelled throughout a lot of the country and saw many places where people have and are still being slaughtered. Also, a lot of literature is one sided and now I know a second side which was, at first, difficult to believe.

Congo: I saw Goma, a city of lava. Went to a refugee camp for people from Rwanda and the Congo which was as I expected. People packed on top of each other for years. Where is all the money going? Oh, that’s right-into the pockets of the UN, IGO’s, NGO’s and their brand new cars, houses, vacations, etc.

Also, I swam in Lake Kivu which was like bath water because of the lava and the gasses. I recommend it before the gasses explode and cover the whole city! Just kidding…

Uganda: A very pleasant country. A nice trip after having experienced Rwanda-where you’re not sure who has done what and if they are telling you the truth. People in Rwanda said, “I can’t believe that you Europeans live in truth,” meaning that their mentality is to swindle the truth. If you want to see a river, it’s right there. If you don’t, then you’ll have to cross mountains to get to it.

One funny thing in Kampala-if someone mugs you, and others see, they’ll strip them naked. It’s their form of punishment-interesting, cruel. (which reminds me-the prison system in Tanzania is AWFUL. Every morning, you get whipped 50 times and all through your stay in prison, you are asked what crime you committed. You have to get it in your head that you were wrong, apparently. On top of that, you have to be on your knees in the police station… It’s all so cruel. Not that our prison system in the U.S. is SO much better)

The Media Trial: Fascinating. This inspires me to be a good lawyer so much more than anything I’ve experienced up to this point. It’s not like attending the 7th Circuit. I can’t explain it. There is so much disorganization, but the lawyers are operating on their sheer genius at certain points. It’s impressive. I’ll give more detail later!