Simba Attack

Ah, another day in Tanzania. First a moment of silence for the person who was attacked by the Simba (lion) yesterday.

I don’t have very much time, so this entry will be as long as my time permits. This morning, I had an interview with Stephen Rapp. He gave me two hours of time and it was absolutely amazing. This media trial is so amazing and I can’t believe that I am one of the few people working on writing about it. Why no one cares about Africa is beyond my grasp. This continent has so much on it and so much history to tell.

The genocide is awful and I’m looking forward to going to Rwanda less and less…I would rather avoid the massacre sites, but I know that this project would be incomplete without my understanding of that country and the regimented mentality there. Something many people don’t know is that Rwanda is actually very organized -prefects. Everyone had identity cards, the government knew exactly where to find you and whether you were a hutu or a tutsi. The military was exceptionally trained and machetes were distributed to the Hutu Power and sympathizers to it. When people think Africa, they think disorganization, but this is not the case at all. Clever, regimented thinking governed the Rwanda genocide. Conspirators along with media propaganda made the atmosphere perfect for mass killing.

I will interview some of the defense attorneys later in the week. I think that will be rather interesting as well.

Last night, I was called a wife of a Tanzanian. He tried to convince me to climb Mt. Meru with him to meet his parents. I told him that I am going to be a Kusali (nun) so that would be impossible to marry him! HE respected that and said that i must Kuomba mungu (pray) a lot. I told him that I try!

Until kesho (tomorrow)…