Dala Dalas/Kifodis and Mt. Kilimanjaro

Hi! My trip is wrapping up and it’s going to go much quicker starting tomorrow because I’ll be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. I am so excited about this! The mountain is 5885 meters and it is absolutely freezing at the summit. I’ll be taking the harder route, Machame, a.k.a whiskey route. Please pray for my safety and that I can make it!

Another thing-so, we often take rides in these dala dalas, in Arusha they are also known as Kifodis. These are bus rides packed with as many people as they can possibly fit in. Imagine over 30 people packed into a minivan. Everyone is on top of everyone else. It’s wonderful! Especially when you get to sit on the lap of a very handsome Irish boy! :) Anyway, so Brian has been writing this list of names on the Kifodis. They decorate them with phrases I give you a list of them:

  • Super Baby Go
  • FBI in Action
  • Go Sox
  • Don’t Spy My Life
  • Baby Face
  • Just Do Them
  • Snow Style
  • I love Spiders
  • Pop in Bob
  • Blood Eagle
  • Lionel Richie
  • Fittest of the Fittest