Packing for Africa

So I started making a list of things NOT to bring to Africa:

  • An American Flag
  • A “Shell Oil” Baseball Hat
  • A Deep Clipboard, compliments of S. Andy Schneider*
  • DeBeers Diamond Rings
  • An Elephant Gun
  • My bag for Ivory

Now-things I hope not to bring back from Africa:

  • Rabid Monkey
  • Typhoid
  • Scabies
  • Leopard Skin
  • Malaria Carrying Mosquitos

And Finally, things I hope not to cause in Africa:

  • Death of Traveling Companion
  • Overthrow of President (_______)
  • Draining of Lake Tanganyika
  • End of Tanzania/Zanzibar Union
  • Hunger
  • Embarassment to George W. Bush

*Side story: So, some people have pocket protectors, but Andy Schneider has a deep clipboard, that he likes to call his “portable desk.” When shopping with him, he would invariably take out his clipboard, pull out various mysterious sheets and write. You can imagine what that looked like in Victories Secret, as he was mysteriously taking notes. The best part of it was the fact that he was wearing gym shorts with an Old Navy T-Shirt (of course with a picture of the American flag) and looked like a gym teacher. Quote of the day: Andy enthusiastically stated, “Now I can carry around all my notebooks, pens, swiss army knife in one portable desk.”