Destiny? by S.Andy Schneider

Last night I was at Dominika’s apartment. Later today, around three pm actually, I glanced at the page and silently contemplated the fact that she had left just as she started to get some free time.

The feeling I had looking at the entry that I had heard her work through the night before five feet away from me is hard to describe but it is a feeling that has been my companion often since high school; it is the feeling that comes whenever someone that you care about, some that you want to spend time with, leaves.

Upon further reflection, however, it isn’t just when that someone leaves, but when their departure is coupled with a feeling of inevitable motion that I have also begun to sense since I left high school-it is the feeling that, though you continue to live in the same place this summer or that winter and you can expect to meet up again once school lets out for a break, it seems as if the end of that time period in your life when you can look forward to those refreshing doses of friendship are drawing slowly toward and end as the friends drift suddenly away with the end of college.

These are the things that I’d been noticing throughout my college career and have continued to feel since my graduation and delayed motion into the workforce. These were the things I was thinking about as I missed Dominika this afternoon around three and that is also around the time that she called me to say that she hadn’t left and that she wanted me to come over and spend some time with her. It was as if Destiny had decided to give me a reprieve and it is one that I can hope will tide me over until her return from Africa. Until, of course, her next trip…